ICON Corporate Finance

"EGOstream help CEO's drive the sales growth that adds value to their businesses.  In the countdown to exit, this is critical to optimising the exit value."

Alan Bristow, CEO, ICON Corporate Finance


Our pipeline is definitely more predictable. We have a much more rigoured and professional approach when we engage with retailers to bring them through the pipeline and close out deals. We are more prepared for the next 12 months and EGOstream have put the building blocks in place to be able to grow our team.

Andrew Carroll
Founder & CEO

Could you be 12 quarters from exit?  The more you can show you've grown and will continue to grow the more a buyer will pay.

We meet many founders with the potential to grow and sell their business. More often than not, the size of markets they operate in is many times their turnover.  However the opportunity that comes with that hasn’t yet been realised.

Could you be 12 quarters from an exit?

Being able to demonstrate current and future business growth is one of the key value enhancers that will maximise your exit value.  The more you can demonstrate your business has grown and will continue to grow, then the more a buyer will pay.

In EGOstream’s Build to Exit model we work with you and your people to develop the criteria your business needs to be attractive to a future acquirer and maximise your valuation.  

Key criteria acquirers will look for include:

  • Can you demonstrate sustained growth?

  • Is there visibility of future growth potential?

  • Do you have a high proportion of recurring revenues?

  • Are you operating in a large and growing market?

  • Do you have a strong management team (to succeed you)? 

ICON Corporate Finance

EGOstream has partnered with international award winning M&A advisers, ICON Corporate Finance, to help our clients maximise their future exit values.

ICON specialise in selling high growth technology companies to global acquirers and are perfectly positioned to advise you on how to maximise the future exit value of your business.

ICON consistently achieve exceptional results for their clients.  Their role is to maximise your exit value and get you the best deal the global market has to offer.