EACS Interview

Led by founder Mike Dearlove, EACS provides a valued IT partnership to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.  Here, Mike talks about how the changing business environment required his sales teams approach to change with it and how EGOstream has helped drive the results.


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Silverbear Interview

EGOstream initially began working with Silverbear on a discrete project to attract new sales talent into the business.  Here, co-founder and Sales Director Dave Langran explains why they engaged with EGOstream and how the relationship has evolved.


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Azurati Interview

SharePoint2Go™ from Azurati is the first solution to provide enterprise-class security and identity management for mobile Microsoft SharePoint users. Here, Azuratiʼs Chairman Howard Bridgeman explains how EGOstream has helped bring SharePoint2Go™ to market.


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Tahola is an IT software and consultancy business specialising in data warehousing, business intelligence, performance management and forecasting and planning solutions.

EGOstream began working with Tahola in 2011.  In 2014, Tahola were the first company in the UK to be awarded the Expertise Accreditation by BI vendor Qlik.

Here, their co-founder and Sales Director Simon Blackbourne talks about the 'EGOstream experience' and why it's so different to what's provided by a recruitment agency.


What got you talking to EGOstream?
The timing was perfect to be honest in that EGOstream called us.  We’ve got growth aspirations and the only way we can do it is with more people. 

It was a cold call, but it didn’t feel like one.  That would have just got a no.  I can’t remember what was said but it wasn’t a hard sell and it all went from there.”

How has the experience been different to a standard recruitment process?
The key thing we saw as a differentiator was the onboarding [of the new sales hires]. This is a significant investment for us, so getting it right is critical.

Compared to a recruitment agency who would just slam you with an invoice and just send a load of CVs, where EGOstream differed was in the help they were going to give us to make sure this is successful.

This enabled me to sell it to Jason [Simon’s co-founder].  This isn’t just about finding someone and getting them to join, this is about making them successful when they join.  This won him over as well.

Having spent time with them, some of the questions they ask of us and of the candidates, their experience, I can’t believe you’d get the same service from a recruiter.”

How is the relationship helping Tahola grow?
It feels more like a partnership.  

I think of recruitment consultants like estate agents.  You make the decision, you take all the risk and you’ll be billed for it.

What EGOstream is offering is to take some of that risk - on the basis that this is a partnership. It’s about making it work together and getting the company to grow.  It’s not just about getting one person into a job, its about the company and meeting the company goals.

To us, the service is really very different to what is offered by a recruitment agency.