Tahola Interview

EGOstream is working with Tahola to help them attract and onboard new sales talent to support their growth goals. Here, their co-founder and Sales Director Simon Blackbourne talks about the 'EGOstream experience' and why it's so different to what's provided by a recruitment agency.


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EACS Interview

Led by founder Mike Dearlove, EACS provides a valued IT partnership to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.  Here, Mike talks about how the changing business environment required his sales teams approach to change with it and how EGOstream has helped drive the results.


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Content and Code Interview

Content and Code engaged with EGOstream to help them fast-track their sales growth.  Here, co-founder and CEO Tim Wallis explains how EGOstream has transformed his whole business and helped them achieve exponential sales growth.


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Silverbear provide intelligent integrated solutions to the event management, healthcare, membership, media/publishing and not for profit industries.  

EGOstream initially began working with Silverbear on a discrete project to attract new talent into the sales business.

Here, co-founder and Sales Director, Dave Langran, explains why they engaged with EGOstream and how the relationship has evolved.


What prompted you to engage with EGOstream? Where were you as a business and what were you looking to achieve at the time?
We were going through quite a radical change as a business. We were coming off the back of large customer contracts, expanding into new markets with our product Evocus, as well as looking to go into a new market sector around Microsoft Dynamics into the NHS and Professional membership organisations.

We were looking for expertise in how to look at the market place and increase our sales, and also needed to get in the sales and marketing resources to turbo-charge what we were doing.

What has EGOstream helped you achieve?
Firstly, EGOstream gave us confidence in where we were doing the right things. They challenged us on what we were doing, especially around CRM online, and helped us focus on what we should be doing.

They have turbo-charged our sales activity in two new markets by bringing on new resources, helping me understand my own role within sales and sales leadership, and by creating an embryonic team that is enabling us to go to market.

This is an ongoing process, and having the support to go to someone external with an internal view is immensely useful.

How will this help you achieve your goal in the future?
EGOstream actually helped us identify what our goal in the future is. Weʼve always run Silverbear on the basis of being a profitable business. What we hadn't done was define the end goal.

Working with EGOstream, we have now defined what that end game for the next 3 years is and have put in place the strategy and realistic milestones to get there, which has given clarity to our whole organisation. Without EGOstream we wouldn't have got there.

How would you describe your working relationship with EGOstream? 
Vibrant. Challenging. Exciting. 

It’s always good to talk to EGOstream. They take an external view, challenge us, critique us and add value by asking the questions we should ask ourselves but haven’t identified, or the ones we’d put to the back of our mind. 

It is a vibrant, symbiotic partnership approach that is highly valued by our business.