Content and Code Interview

Content and Code engaged with EGOstream to help them fast-track their sales growth.  Here, co-founder and CEO Tim Wallis explains how EGOstream has transformed his whole business and helped them achieve exponential sales growth.


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Silverbear Interview

EGOstream initially began working with Silverbear on a discrete project to attract new sales talent into the business.  Here, co-founder and Sales Director Dave Langran explains why they engaged with EGOstream and how the relationship has evolved.


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Led by founder Mike Dearlove, EACS provides a valued IT partnership to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.

Here Mike talks about how the changing business environment required his sales teams approach to change with it, and how EGOstream has helped drive the results.


Why did you begin working with EGOstream?
We've got a desire to help people develop and get the best from themselves, to help them achieve what they want to and in the process help the business grow.

We'd got a team of sales people who were in a comfort zone. They were doing a reasonable job, but we knew they could do more. The business environment was changing so there was a real need to change too, otherwise we would go backwards.

What have you achieved working with EGOstream?
EGOstream removed a lot of that comfort zone and raised the bar for achievement.

Their coaching and mentoring has increased the teams confidence in front of clients and helped them with more complex work and higher level engagements.

Discovering our clients business goals and how our solutions can help them be successful is now a standard part of our business and the importance of this is reflected in our results.

In a changing business environment EGOstream has enabled us to grow as a business.

How will this help you achieve your goals in the future?
The new technologies and services we sell require a more consultative approach and the guys are mentally and professionally better equipped to address and win the opportunities.