Silverbear Interview

EGOstream initially began working with Silverbear on a discrete project to attract new sales talent into the business.  Here, co-founder and Sales Director Dave Langran explains why they engaged with EGOstream and how the relationship has evolved.


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Tahola Interview

EGOstream is working with Tahola to help them attract and onboard new sales talent to support their growth goals. Here, their co-founder and Sales Director Simon Blackbourne talks about the 'EGOstream experience' and why it's so different to what's provided by a recruitment agency.


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EACS Interview

Led by founder Mike Dearlove, EACS provides a valued IT partnership to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.  Here, Mike talks about how the changing business environment required his sales teams approach to change with it and how EGOstream has helped drive the results.


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Founded in 2001, Carrenza was one of the first companies in the world to provide an enterprise cloud computing platform. At the head of a proven enterprise cloud company working with some of the world’s leading brands, founder and CEO Dan Sutherland wanted to capitalise on the market opportunity by improving their sales operation.

Here he talks about how working with EGOstream has helped achieve this.

What prompted you to engage with EGOstream? Where were you as a business and what were you looking to achieve at the time?

EGOstream approached us at a point of which I was looking for ways of improving the way Carrenzas sales operation worked.

As a business we were growing organically and reasonably successfully. However we have a proven cloud offering and knew we had the opportunity to do much more, but didn't have the skills from a sales perspective to support that effectively.

We needed EGOstreamʼs help to streamline our sales operation and make it fit for purpose to allow us to take advantage of all the good things we did have and expand our reach in the market.

What has EGOstream helped you achieve?

EGOstream has helped us culturally make the transition between being quite a consultancy-focused organisation to one that is much more sales-focused, which is a difficult transition to make.

Theyʼve helped us focus and restructure our team to make the best advantage of the resources we have available. They've also helped us understand how to sell our products and in some cases they've helped us remember things we had forgotten through bad habits and practices.

How will this help you achieve your goal in the future?

The stronger, more effective sales organisation has already driven growth. In 6 months our monthly recurring revenues have increased by 20% above what we would normally expect.

Going forward we'll continue to make more money as a result of the work we have done with EGOstream.

How would you describe your working relationship with EGOstream?

Constructive, tangible, positive.