EACS Interview

Led by founder Mike Dearlove, EACS provides a valued IT partnership to organisations of all sizes throughout the UK.  Here, Mike talks about how the changing business environment required his sales teams approach to change with it and how EGOstream has helped drive the results.


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Carrenza Interview

At the head of a proven enterprise cloud company working with some of the world's leading brands, founder and CEO Dan Sutherland wanted to capitalise on the market opportunity by improving Carrenza's sales operation.  Here he talks about how working with EGOstream has helped achieve this.


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Content and Code Interview

Content and Code engaged with EGOstream to help them fast-track their sales growth.  Here, co-founder and CEO Tim Wallis explains how EGOstream has transformed his whole business and helped them achieve exponential sales growth.


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azurati large

SharePoint2Go™ from Azurati is the first solution to provide enterprise-class security and identity management for mobile Microsoft SharePoint users, providing mobile workers with the ability to use any IOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows phone-based device to accessSharePoint content, documents, lists and data.

Here, Azuratiʼs Chairman Howard Bridgeman explains how EGOstream has helped bring SharePoint2Go™ to market.


Why did you engage with EGOstream? Where were you as a business and what were you looking to achieve at the time?

Azurati was in the process of completing the development of a major product(SharePoint2Go). We needed to bring the product to market which entailed developing the marketing plan and building a top class sales and marketing team.

What has EGOstream helped you achieve?

EGOstream has been the major driver in:

  • recruiting the team
  • setting the Azurati marketing plan
  • clarifying the Azurati sales proposition
  • aligning the business discovery, engagement and closing process

EGOstream has also used their network to introduce us to prospective partners.

How will this help you achieve your goals in the future?

EGOstream will be continuously involved in the growth of Azurati. Through regular workshops and monthly meetings they will play a major part in setting and tracking the master goal plan and the hiring and development of our personnel.

How would you describe your working relationship with EGOstream?

EGOstream are an integral part of our plans. Their advice and guidance has proven to be invaluable.