Having spent 15 years in sales leadership roles I was keen to supplement intuition with a rigorous performance improvement system. On completion of the assessment phase with EGOstream it was clear that whilst my team had the fundamental skills to succeed, they were failing to achieve their full potential. The EGOstream approach is best described as the difference between training and learning. Training typically is external, imposing tools, techniques and methodologies from the outside in. Learning comes from within. Only when you get to heart of an individuals goals, aspirations and capabilities, can you help them align their effort with positive outcomes.The work with EGOstream was a true investment in our people with both employee and corporation as the beneficiaries.

Dave Anderson
Vice President Consulting

EGOstream began 15 years ago as a business specialising in helping US technology organisations (including Next, Versant and PSDI) establish themselves in the UK/ European market.

Post the dot com crash it became very clear that many organisations had become conditioned to the success of the 90's. As the industry recovered we observed people struggling to come to terms with the trading dynamics of the new economy.

Changing industry dynamics

These challenges gave way to observable sales mediocrity. We saw that most businesses had the right processes in position but had hired competent sales people 'of the pastʼ. In short, most businesses were backing their future on the past performance of people who had not proven they could succeed in an industry that didnʼt just 'buy technologyʼ anymore.

EGOstream anecdotally understood these challenges and realised that in a growing service-centric tech economy, the performance of people would be paramount.

The power of your people

We utilised our anecdotal insight and expertise and began to research and assess the true performance inhibitors in people that were holding their organisations back.

What we found was very clear: the challenge could not be fixed by process. No process could effect change when the desire and ability of people to deliver to their maximum ability was missing. In short, the human endeavor was the key and the power of businesses was in their people.

Growing businesses through people

Over the past 15 years we have gained profound insights and unique IP that enables us to state that we grow technology companies through the development of people.  

In the mid 2000ʼs we developed the sales teams of a number of global technology conglomerates, including Adobe, Cisco and SSA Global. Over the past 5 years we have specialised in working with British owner-managed businesses with a strong ambition for growth.

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