We’d got a team of sales people who were in a comfort zone. They were doing a reasonable job, but we knew they could do more. The business environment was changing so there was a real need to change too.... In a changing business environment EGOstream has enabled us to grow as a business.

Mike Dearlove
Founder & Managing Director

EGOstream have turbo-charged our sales activity in two new markets by bringing on new resources, helping me understand my own role within sales and sales leadership, and by creating an embryonic team that is enabling us to go to market.

Dave Langran
Co-Founder and Sales Director
Silverbear Ltd

See how you can help your people achieve more in business and in life.

"They make you better at what you do and who you are..."

"The EGOstream approach is unique.  They will make you better at what you do and who you are.  If you are frustrated with your own performance and want to be the best you can be you should talk to EGOstream".

"My value to the business has increased along with my earnings..."

"The EGOstream process really changed my thinking over a very short-period.  It really clarified things when speaking to clients and building sales but more importantly it enabled me to 'think bigger'.  My value to the business has increased along with my earnings.  It is now a fundamental part of my approach.  More importantly it is easy and gives my clients a 'different' experience."

"I focus on what's important..."

"EGOstream have helped me in my transition from a technology leader into a business leader.  Ultimately the skills they have given me ensure that I focus on what's important, value my expertise and use every moment to focus on how to achieve my business goals".

"I am now aiming higher personally and professionally..."

The EGOstream experience has been a 'lightbulb' moment for me.  Their focus on improving the individual has equipped me with the tools I need to challenge myself and go to work on achieving my potential.  The coaching has rapidly transformed my entire approach to client engagement and has helped me approach every opportunity with a confidence and assuredness I didn't have before.  I am now aiming higher personally and professionally as a result."

"Without doubt, EGOstream have raised the confidence of the team..."

"My company was first introduced to EGOstream 3 years ago.  Since then we have developed significantly as a business.  EGOstream have played a major part in helping to make that happen.  The coaching and guidance they have given, particularly to the sales team, has been excellent and they have helped to make people better at their jobs.  Without doubt, EGOstream have raised the confidence of the team. 

On a personal note my role has changed focus and the advice given by EGOstream in helping me make that transition has been invaluable.  Due to their input, I too have more confidence in my sales role and they have made me understand the value I add to the business.  I would strongly recommend EGOstream to any company wanting to develop their team".