Performance is one thing

Actualising results is another

Set a new standard
  • We grew more than 300% in what were negative economic times. EGOstream has transformed our sales team and our whole organisation

    Tim Wallis, Founder

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  • EGOstream has raised the bar for achievement and enabled us to grow as a business

    Mike Dearlove, Founder & MD

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  • In 6 months our monthly recurring revenues have increased by 20% above what we would normally expect

    Dan Sutherland, Founder & CEO

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  • EGOstream is about making it work together and getting the company to grow.

    Simon Blackbourne, Co-Founder & Sales Director

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  • EGOstream engage with passion and energy and have truly helped me build a world-class sales team.

    Gary Fry, MD Benelux, Adobe


Your opportunity 2017

As the tech market becomes increasingly saturated, it will become totally people dependent.

We engage with like-minded leaders who see their people as assets and the engine of their growth.

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Sustain Growth

Predictable sustainable business.

Has your business flat-lined? Are you considering new ways to drive incremental results?

Move your business out of survival and back onto winning.

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Improve Results

Create a high performance culture.

If you're thinking about hiring, think again.

3 out of 4 of our clients achieve more with the people they have before they start hiring.

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Build Team

The intelligent alternative.

Developed a compelling technical proposition but struggling to reach your market?

We help technically-led businesses become commercially focused.

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New ways to reach your market.

Could you be 12 quarters away from exit?

The more you can show youʼve grown and will continue to grow, the more a buyer will pay.

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Build to exit

Working with you & your team.

Serious about growth?

Being Egostream'd

  • Grow your people to grow your business
  • Set a new standard
  • Compete to win
Coachee testimonials

Your Success

  • Infor

    Having spent 15 years in sales leadership roles I was keen to supplement intuition with a rigorous performance improvement system. The work with EGOstream was a true investment with employee and corporation as the beneficiaries

    Dave Anderson, Sales Director, Infor

  • Powerlan

    The early successes have given us the ability to make bigger and better decisions across our organisation and added confidence going into the new year. We look forward to continuing a profitable relationship

    Jon Newbery, CEO, Powerlan Group

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